New single "Crush" is out.

"A cathartic missile...blowing up those workaday blues."

"Driving, fun, catchy-as-hell!"

Live in Los Angeles. June 16, 2017

Ward knew he wasn't living the life he wanted.

So in 2016, he quit his job as a New York tech executive, moved to Los Angeles, and immediately started a band. Since then, Ward has rapidly developed a fanbase of tens of thousands online, written dozens of new songs, played tons of live shows, and cut seven new singles to be released in 2018.

Ward's music reimagines the best alternative from the 80s and 90s. His broad vocal range rests atop of an uncanny blend of modern rock, grunge, Manchester shoegazing and psychedelic blues. His songs focus on the heartbreaks of life itself, and about finding your truth and having the courage to change to pursue it.

"Life keeps trying to tell me who I should be, before I even figure out who I am.", Ward explains. "This kind of pressure to conform is everywhere, all the time. Every day, I suppose I struggle and fight for my purpose, identity and meaning in an increasingly disconnected world. What better to write songs about than this modern rebellion?"

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At Ward's Culver City studio, Feb 2018

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