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New Single: Slowfast

New Video: Slowfast

Nov 17 en CDMX. Preventa disponible

"My god, I love this guy's voice...this generation's Richard Ashcroft"

- Audiofuzz

"Ward entra con emocion"

- Rokeamos Infinitamente

"The good Ward just hits you...reminiscent of Richard Ashcroft, 'Stand Me' is a classic rock song with an outstanding vocal."

- We Love That Sound

"Los peinados, chamarras de cuero y el protagonismo de Ward nos hace pensar en Morrissey y Brett Anderson."

- Warp Magazine

"Without fail, Ward goes far and beyond to conduct an exact response. "

- Musigator

"Only rising higher every day with every note they play."

- Indie Pulse

"Every release Ward drops takes you on a high."

- Music of The Future

"By the time the song ends you will already want to start playing it again"

- Rock The Pigeon

"Der Song gibt von Anfang an Vollgas"

- We Love That Sound

"Take a dip in this melodic, emotional endurance...and unprecedented songwriting."

- Musigator

"A lovely ode"

- Buzzbands

"There is something beautifully honest about Ward's voice and lyrics...he really is the new thinker in music and I am so glad to walk that path with him."

- Audiofuzz

"Classic-sounding melancholy"

- The Line of Best Fit

"Soothe the Soul" once again demonstrates Ward's strength as both singer and songwriter."

- Northern Transmissions

"Sublime splendor...an evocative voice and the lyrical chops to match, the future looks bright for Ward"

- Atwood Magazine

"Art rock elegance...Ward cuts his blend of rock with an 80's leather shine and deep 90's pop hooks."

- American Pancake

"What a relaxing quality brought on by a talented artist"

- Imperfect Fifth (review)

"A cathartic missile aiming at blowing up those workaday blues."

- Buzzbands.LA

"A driving, fun, catchy-as-hell gem."

- Groundsounds

"In the world of alternative rock and upcoming young artists, Ward has sprinted up the ladder"

- Imperfect Fifth

"With the percussive drive and New York sensibilities of one the better LCD Soundsystem offerings, Ward delivers."

- Indie Obsessive


"Life tries to tell you who you should be,
before you've even figured out who you are."

Ward knew he wasn't living the life that he wanted. So in 2016, he quit his job as a New York tech executive, moved to Los Angeles, and immediately started a band. Since then, Ward has rapidly developed a fanbase of tens of thousands online, written dozens of new songs, played tons of live shows, and cut seven new singles to be released in 2018.

"Life tries to tell you who you should be, before you've even figured out who you are.", Ward explains. "This kind of pressure to conform is everywhere, all the time. Every day, I suppose I struggle and fight for my purpose, identity and meaning in an increasingly disconnected world. What better to write songs about than this modern rebellion?"

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How can you stand me, when I just toss and turn? When I stay up every night just to try and make it work? I'll break it down, I do it all the time babe. I'll tear it down, I do it all the time babe. So I'm asking, how you stand me, and all my songs? About the ways I still regret all the things I wish I'd done? I'll tear it down, I do it all the time babe. I'll break it down, I do it all the time babe. So I'm asking. Love if I can't save myself from drowning under water, and I can't find another way to fill my bones, how can you stand me?


Velvet walls seeping through the backs of things. Nothing falls, but nothing ever stood up straight. Trouble that I don't look for, and pain that I don't need. Things that I didn't plan for bring me to heel. Black as dark and lacking heart. Souls in parts stretch though their ends to where they start. My skin and heart thinning down the winning way. Until I pull apart all the signs and clear the way for the way I feel.


I feel loose like I felt then. Who else is gonna win it back for me? I've been living my life as some other guy. I've been living my days as somebody's son whose soul knows better. See I lose when I lose the goal. I lose just to choose control. What did I lose just to soothe the soul? Well bruised, still searching. One brain. Too many 'shoulds' are stamping on my name. I still got time, still got reasons to try. But peace only hangs in a purple sky for souls who know better.


I see you're alone, I see you get crushed down the middle. You must know, everyone's got something. So hate this, and save this. You're a success, you confess, is when you slide to the left, or leave it alone, so why you ever got to go, get crushed? I'll let you go, just swear to stay out of the middle. Find a home, everyone's got that one thing. Feel the crush in the middle of the city. In your car hundred-ten degrees. You get rushed all around this busy, but you can't get where you need. So your foot sits baking on the metal. On the crawl from La Brea to the 10. And the sun keeps cutting through the palm trees. And the cars keep cutting in. Feel the crush in the middle of the city, And the push to the western sea. You can move through all the middle of a city, but you'll never get what you need.

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